Annual Wellness Examinations

An annual exam for your pet, similar to those for yourself, should be performed at least every 12 months. A semi-annual wellness exam should be performed by your veterinarian every 6 months once your pet reached 8 years of Age. 

A physical exam is a comprehensive assessment of your pets’ health. Based on the findings, our veterinarians can discuss any concerns, make recommendations and work with you keep your pets as healthy as possible.

Dental Health
Healthy gums and teeth can help prevent the spread of bacteria to the rest of your animals body! To learn more about your pets dental health, clink the link below!
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What we are feeding our animals is essential to their overall health. See what prescription diets we carry today!
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Separation anxiety? Destructive behaviour? We can help, book your appointment today!
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Coat and Skin
Itchy skin and fur loss is an important indicator of your animals overall heath. There is much we can do to ensure your animals coat is full, shiny and itch-free.